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GX-LFG-1-1-20 online UPS is an on-line double-conversion UPS with output isolation transformer built-in, offering high levels of reliability and performance for all kinds of load, not only IT systems, banking and communications, but also medical service and industrial applications, its perfect reliability and performance make it most popular in some countries with harsh and unstable grid.

 Single / single-phase, three / single-phase models with on-line double conversion technology

 DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology

 Suitable for all kinds of loads (resistive, inductive and non-linear loads etc.)

 High overload capability (up to 150%)

 Bypass dual DSP control design to enhance more reliability

 Supports dual input, hot standby in series

 Redundant & parallelable with advanced parallel current-sharing control technology

 Cold start and mains start function

 High charging capability: 2 A / 4 A / 6 A / 8 A / 10 A / 12 A selectable (standard), 14 A / 16 A / 18 A / 20 A / 22 A / 24 A selectable (options)

 Standard configuration with output isolation transformer

 Superior protection (surgers, short-circuit, overvoltage, under voltages, overcharge, reverse connection protection etc.)

 Advanced communications (RS232 and USB ports (standard), SNMP, dry contacts and RS485 (options)

 Other options (parallel kits, input isolation transformer, bypass isolation transformer and harmonic suppressor)


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UPS GeTX -GX-LFG-1-1-20


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