UPS GeTX GX-1500-C

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This type of UPS is typically used to protect and power certain equipment, such as personal computers, small scale exchange, POS machines etc. It provides comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes, and also provides pure voltage with boost and buck AVR. It power equipment sufficient runtime without any objectionable dip or brownout to that device. And it is the simplicity and low costs. Installation is easy and quick.

● Fully AVRSurge protection

● Cold strart available

● Self-detection on startup

● Intelligent CPU Controlled

● Automatic battery charging in UPS off mode

● Many front panels and colors for your choice

● Full protection against over voltage/low voltage

● Strong generator compatibility, compatible with any brand generators

● With strong electromagnetism compatibility, no electromagnetic interference to load

● Input with two standard 120V(90V-148V) and 220V(166V-276V) automatically

● Output voltage can be fixed at 120V/220V/60HZ or adjustable for 120V/220V/60Hz at side

● Software communication optional with RS232/USB/SNMP card, and RJ11/RJ45 also available


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UPS GX-1500-C


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