Inverter GeTX GX-AS-3000 MPPT


Is an integrated unit consists of grid charger, inverter, MPPT Solar Charger. It continuously monitors Battery and Solar voltage as well as Grid and Output voltage with their currents. MPPT based solar charger extracts the maximum power from the solar panels whereby it increases the efficiency of the system. MPPT charger has multistage charging which maintains the battery charging voltage such that it increases the lifespan of battery. It uses Solar (primary) and Grid (secondary), to charge the batteries. Since usage of power from grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar energy is not present and battery voltage level reduces to 11.5V/Battery (Default 11.5V, Configurable). Grid power is also needed when solar power generation is less and battery voltage is reduced to 11.5V/Battery (Default 11.5V, Configurable.


 Up to 30% more efficient because of rMPPT Charge Controller

 Advance DSP based design pure sinewave

 NLSD & Grid Charging – Enable / Disable by LCD

 Tested as per IEC 61683 and IEC 60068-2-(1,2,14,30) standards

 USB / Ethernet based monitoring with 30 days data storage, DC and AC energy meter

 User configurable Parameters

 Lightening, surge protection

 Short Circuit Protection

 Intelligent Charge Sharing


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Inverter GeTX GX-AS-3000 MPPT


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