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High precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer is our leading product. It is composed of contact type voltage regulator, servo motor and automatic control circuit. When network voltage is unstable or when the load changes, the automatic control circuit would sample, amplify and send signal to drive the servomotor to adjust the position of carbon brush of contact type voltage regulator, regulate the output voltage of stabilizer to the rated value, and get stabilized voltage finally.

This series of voltage stabilizer possesses visible advantages such as elegant appearance, compact design, light weight, high efficiency, no distortion of output waveform, complete protection functions, long service, etc. In order to guarantee top quality, we adopt imported elements for key electronic components, and carry out strict quality inspection.

This series of voltage stabilizer is suitable for areas where power grid fluctuates frequently or changes greatly along the season, it can be widely applied to industry, scientific research, medical service, school, communication, household appliance, etc. It provides any loads with quality power supply to ensure normal running of electric equipment.

It is in accordance with the trade standard Q/MC 001-2013.




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