GX-HFP-1-1-6 Single Phase UPS (6KVA, 12V/7Ah)

  • Effective software and hardware protection.

  • Flexible battery configuration (Settable 14 - 20 pcs batteries) 

  •  Quick and stable charging, 90% capacity restored in 4 hOURS (standard model UPS).

  • Linear derating in low voltage input reducing battery discharging times. Settable delayed start when power is restored.

  • Advanced battery management (ABM). Multiple functions.

  • settable via LCD: output voltage, battery quantity, EOD, EPO, ECO mode, frequency conversion mode and parallel enable.

  • Powerful background software for parameters configuration, function settings and online updating.

  • Multi-platform communications: RS232 (standard), USB / RS485 / SNMP / dry contacts (optional).

  • Optional USB, RS485 card, AS400 dry contacts, SNMP card, SMS alarms, maintenance bypass, EPO function, parallel function, battery temperature compensation and EMD environmental sensors.

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GX-HFP-1-1-6 Single Phase UPS
UPS with advanced DSP digital control technology is applied to rectifier and inverter, having the functions of effective software and hardware protection function, powerful self-diagnostic function.

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